Dominika Oramus
Angela Carter’s „Discourse of Delight” in her Fiction and Non-Fiction

ISBN 83-60269-01-7
Warsaw 2006

Acknowledgments  8
Introduction  9

Chapter 1 – „Discourse of delight”  15
The critics on Angela Carter  15
Angela Carter on the critics  23
Mapping pleasure  31

Chapter 2 – The Way of Oscar Wilde  52
Dandyism  52
Fashion  73
Costume  78

Chapter 3 – The Way of William Butler Yeats  90
Art  90
Artificer  93
Artefact  96
Artists 119

Chapter 4 – The Way of Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade..
Pornography  139
Debauchery  152

Chapter 5 – The Way of Sigmund Freud
Desire  166
Memory  190
Theatricality  200
Mother  208
Conclusion  218

Bibliography  222
Works by Angela Carter  222
Works on Angela Carter  223
General Works  227

Index 236
Introduction – According to Apuleius, Pleasure is the daughter of Cupid and Psyche – of Love and the Soul, that is, a sufficiently elevated pedigree, one would have thought. Yet the British still put up a strong resistance to the idea that pleasurability might be a valid criterion in the response to literature’ (Carter 1997: 490). So claims Angela Carter in a book review written towards the end of her life. Thus formulated, her opinion that books are first of all for gratification, for the reader’s pleasure – not ideological statements (…)

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