Dominika Oramus
The Decline of the West in the Fiction of J.G. Ballard

ISBN 83-60269-04-1
Warszawa, 2007


Introduction 7
„Grave new world” 37
Battlefields 82
Cityspaces 110
Mediascapes 148
Mindscapes 191
Wastelands 230
Conclusion 259
Appendix I: Kingdom Come 263
Appendix II: J. G. Bsllard: A Life 266
Bibliography 268
Index 275
Introduction – Are we living in the happy times of social utopia when everybody can equally participate in the blessings of advanced technology, modern science and sophisticated communication techniques? Do we see the true Brave New World the human race has been dreaming of for generations? Or is our contemporary reality yet another Grave New World , a dystopian land of social manipulation, hegemonic mass media, no free will, spreading psychopathology and simulacra replacing first-hand experience?
Under Polish Eyes: J.G. Ballard Reconsidered. James Graham Ballard seems to be the sf writer most loved by academicians: four book-length critical essays have been devoted to his oeuvre, and there are very few authors in the field who have been honored that way. This latest installment of Ballard’s academic canonization is possibly more striking than the previous three, as they (Roger Luckhurst’s 1997 The Angle Between Two Walls, Michel Delville’s 1998 J.G. Ballard, and Andrzej Gasiorek’s 2005 homonymous monograph) were all published in Ballard’s own country, while Grave New World has been published by the University of Warsaw in Poland.

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